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I was so excited to be invited to participate in the 2018 Forgotten Coast Paint Out! I was counting the days until I would be painting this wonderful part of our state of Florida.

Made it to the Forgotten Coast! It was a long 9 hour drive and I was exhausted. Sitting in a circle with some of the greatest painters working today was surreal. Had a nice dinner with a few of the artists.

Top right photo by Chris Kling. Bottom photo by #fcenpa.

First painting! While I was at the Plein Air Convention and Expo in Santa Fe (read about it here) I painted really small to maximize time and ensure the paintings would fit in my luggage. I was itching to do some larger works and it felt good to stretch those muscles.

Colorful Port St Joe
Oil on canvas

Wild roosters, chickens and charm. Port St. Joe offers a numerous amount of subject matter for the painter.

"Paintings have their own lives"
- Morgan Samuel Price

Morgan gave a wonderful presentation about the history of the boats she's painted.

Quick draw! I had a great time painting this picture out at Cape San Blas. It was a beautiful place with marshes, beaches and wooded areas.

The six Florida Ambassadors were honored with a Florida's Finest Reception. I'm extremely grateful to be part of this amazing group.

Here's a selection of paintings I did. I also taught plein air painting techniques for 5 days and had some outstanding students.

I wish I would have remembered to get photos with all of the artists because they were all so kind, funny, and generous. From left to right, Charlie Hunter, Tony Robinson, Luke Buck, Charles Dickinson, Bill Suys, Mark Hanson, Shelby Keefe.

Here are some short recaps of what I remember. Ken Deward - He was hysterically funny and painted some impressive works. Kathleen Hudson - What a GREAT painter! Breathtaking work! Debra Huse - So nice and friendly! Bold brushwork. Thomas Jefferson Kitts - He also had me laughing! He's an encyclopedia on the science of paint. I learned a lot. Masterful Sargent-like paintings! John P. Lasater IV - We had a wonderful discussion about painting. Look up his painting Blacksmith Yard. Mind blowing! Nancy King Mertz - She was so sweet! She did this amazing painting of a firetruck. Vicki Norman - She and her husband Mark were very kind and helpful. Mark even got my student and me some water while we were dying of heat one day. Morgan Samuel Price - AMAZING painter! Her stories about growing up around the boats was wonderful. James Richards - Sargent reincarnate. He did a painting of Vicki painting and it's jaw dropping! Vladislav Yeliseyev - Watercolors that make you drool! (Hopefully not on the paintings) Michelle Held - The sweetest, most outgoing talented artist I've ever met. Chris Kling - Stunning paintings and a special kinship. Hope we get to paint together many more times! Jeff Ripple - Talented artist and savior of my sign I forgot in a park. Thanks Jeff! Robert Simone - Another great Florida artist! Wish we could have painted together more. Ruth Squitieri - So kind! She made me feel right at home. Lori Putnam - Classy and beautiful paintings.

Last but not least, there's one painting I didn't get to do, a shrimp boat! Maybe another time :)